Now YOU can have that extra room and the lifestyle benefits it brings without the cost and disruption of moving home, building an extension or converting your loft.

What would you use YOUR Omdeco garden building for?

A Garden Office

What would you do with all the time saved on the daily commute?

Be more productive, have more family time, or perhaps just sleep in later?

Whatever your choice, you will be less stressed and get more done.

If you already work from home, you could free up your current home office space and hand it back to the family, leaving you free to work from home in your own dedicated, purpose – designed space without any domestic distractions.

Your Omdeco Garden Office, like all our garden buildings, is finished to the standard of your house, with lighting, power, plastered walls and ceiling, phone point, broadband, house-grade window and door locks, heating and full insulation.

A Garden Studio

Do you have a creative hobby that requires too much space, creates too much mess or needs you to get out and clear away lots of equipment?

Your Omdeco Garden Studio is a bespoke design to exactly suit your requirements and will allow you to pursue your creative hobby or business in an ideal interruption-free environment.

It gives you the space and peace to let your creativity flow, whether your interest is writing, painting, photography, pottery, making jewellery – the uses are only limited by your imagination.

Having a dedicated studio means you are able to walk in, close the door and start – without the need to unpack lots of equipment and without any unwanted distraction.

A Garden Room

The possibilities are limitless.

Perhaps a playroom for the kids, where they can have their friends round, make as much noise as they want, and get all their toys out – while mum and dad have some peace and quiet.

How about a games room – perhaps a pool table, room for the Wii, the X-Box or the Playstation ? You can turn up the volume – it won’t disturb anyone.

A home cinema for all the family. Watch the latest releases in big-screen HD and surround sound.

Or even a chill-out room for mum and dad. Soft lights, a comfy sofa, Hi-fi, TV and a wine fridge – bliss.

If you have musicians in the family, you could have the perfect music room, where they can practice or perform free from distractions or complaints about the noise!

And whatever you use it for, you can always put a foldaway bed in it for that unplanned overnight guest.

Whatever your life-style needs, call us today for a free, no-obligation discussion. We don’t have any salesmen, but our director and designer will be happy to show you what’s possible.

You’ll be amazed at what you can have and how little it costs.